Organization Contact List (Raiders Hockey Club)

2020-2021 Spring Tryouts Postponed
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Team Name Position Contact
Executive Dave Conacher Chairman of the Board
Executive Anthony Miele Vice President
Executive Kristen Cleary Hockey Director 905-336-3434 x 14 (w)
Executive Rob Radford Risk Management Director & Compliance Specialist 647-998-8398 (c)
Executive Jarret Reid Hockey Development Director 905-336-3434 ext. 21 (w)
Org Staff Peter Morin Head Convenor
Org Staff Steve Thouless Ice Scheduler
Org Staff Scott McCrory Coaches Consultant
Org Staff Rob Radford Goalie Development 647-998-8398 (c)
Org Staff Dr. Brittany Boot Head Therapist
Org Staff HMHRA Steve Jennings Referee in Chief 905-746-7663 (c)
Org Staff Bob DiFrancesco Head Convenor
Org Staff Dan Lisle Equipment & Apparel
Minor Novice Blue Roland Love Head Coach 905-730-1104 (h)
Minor Novice White Jason Pritchard Head Coach 905-638-0590 (h)
Novice Blue Fraser Cameron Head Coach 416-453-1337 (h)
Novice White Jon Currie Head Coach 905-802-2312 (h)
Minor Atom Blue Jason Frost Head Coach 647-404-4772 (c)
Minor Atom Blue Chad Kennedy Assistant Coach
Minor Atom Blue Craig MacIntyre Assistant Coach
Minor Atom Blue Andrew Prescod Trainer
Minor Atom Blue Sheryl Kennedy Manager
Minor Atom White Joe Falconi Head Coach
Minor Atom White Janis Pethybridge Manager
Minor Atom White Floris Willem Assistant Coach
Minor Atom Green Mark Flippance Head Coach 905-399-5585 (h)
Atom Blue Chris Gregoire Head Coach 289-242-0889 (h)
Atom Blue Morgan Hammond Manager 905-973-8529 (c)
Atom Blue Jeremy Maxwell Assistant Coach
Atom Blue Paul Murphy Assistant Coach 9053012241 (h) 4169373119 (w)
Atom Blue John Gregoire Assistant Coach 905-599-1403 (c)
Atom White Adrian Jayne Head Coach 905-208-3154 (h)
Atom White Melanie Evans Manager 9052209572 (w)
Atom Green Jason Barr Head Coach 905-630-9669 (h)
Atom Green Keri Nisbet Manager
Minor Peewee Blue Tim Deacon Head Coach 416-768-2021 (h)
Minor Peewee Blue Angie Konidis Manager 647-518-6992 (c)
Minor Peewee Blue Tim Hepburn Assistant Coach 905-484-0945 (h)
Minor Peewee Blue Jason Paquette Assistant Coach 9055103519 (w)
Minor Peewee Blue Duncan Smith Trainer 716-994-1982 (c)
Minor Peewee White Patrick McGuire Head Coach 905-220-8944 (c)
Minor Peewee White Michael Bower Team Manager
Minor Peewee White Alex Rechichi Assistant Coach
Minor Peewee White Clint Owen Assistant Coach
Minor Peewee White Tony Saarenvirta Assistant Coach
Minor Peewee White Attila Gyulai Parent Representative
Minor Peewee White Megan Richards Parent Representative
Minor Peewee Green Joel Zinn Head Coach 289-834-0825 (h)
Minor Peewee Green Steve Jones Manager 905-483-7111 (w)
Minor Peewee Green Jerry Burlington Assistant Coach 905-633-9662 (h) 289-259-3169 (w)
Minor Peewee Green John Hanson Assistant Coach
Minor Peewee Green Dean Iamarino Assistant Coach 905-464-0920 (w)
Minor Peewee Green Mark Risidore Trainer 905-975-2169 (h)
Minor Peewee Royal Mark Kardosh Head Coach 905-319-9242 (h)
Minor Peewee Royal James Patriquin Manager
Peewee Blue Michael Budd Head Coach 289-828-3961 (h)
Peewee Blue Andy Gillies Manager 905-333-5650 (w)
Peewee White Ryan Gaudet Head Coach 905-741-9624 (w) 905-741-9624 (c)
Peewee White Jennifer Armilio Manager
Peewee Green Dan Greenwood Coach 905-467-0825 (h)
Peewee Green Julie Cecconi Manager 905-407-9869 (w)
Peewee Green Andy Kuyper Assistant Coach
Peewee Green Jeff Carey Assistant Coach
Peewee Green Vince Campagnoni Trainer 905-815-7333 (w)
Minor Bantam Blue Jamie Barron Coach 289-259-3385 (h)
Minor Bantam Blue Jeff Miller Manager
Minor Bantam White Greg O'Donohue Head Coach 416-994-8275 (c)
Minor Bantam White Dave Phillips Manager 9054674985 (w)
Minor Bantam White Barry Johnson Assistant Coach 5198208929 (w)
Minor Bantam White Mike King Assistant Coach 4164202098 (w)
Bantam Blue Agost Lourenco Head Coach
Bantam Blue Peter Maj Manager 905-315-9211 (h) 416-709-7459 (c)
Bantam Blue Jason Schuler Assistant Coach 416-414-4695 (c)
Bantam Blue David Vrhovnik Assistant Coach 905-332-7322 (h)
Bantam Blue Kim Gradson Trainer 905-484-7267 (w)
Bantam White Shawn Scanzano Head Coach 416-809-6131 (h)
Bantam White Helen Lloyd Winters Manager 289-795-1920 (c)
Bantam White Michelle Serpa Trainer 289-259-2872 (c)
Bantam White Blair Reid Asst Coach 416-677-8489 (c)
Bantam Green Paul Boissonneault Head Coach 905-330-4359 (h)
Bantam Green Lyle Zunti Trainer
Bantam Green Michelle Simpson Manager
Bantam Green Tony Mamome Assistant Coach
Bantam Green Dave Robataille Assistant Coach
Bantam Royal Steve Beharrell Head Coach 289-208-3884 (h)
Bantam Royal Adriana Scarpiello Manager 646-530-6676 (c)
Bantam Royal Rob Moreland Assistant Coach
Bantam Royal Michael Weinert Trainer 647-967-5367 (w)
Minor Midget Blue Ted Barker Manager
Minor Midget Blue Steve Joyner Trainer
Minor Midget Blue Dave West Trainer
Minor Midget Blue Karin Barker Manager 905-320-5818 (c)
Midget Blue Jason Russell Head Coach 905-975-3333 (h)
Midget Green (Non Checking) Tim Cestnick Head Coach (905) 330-4569 (c)
Midget Green (Non Checking) Jim Hulzinga Coach
Midget Green (Non Checking) Grahame Youngs Coach
Sat May 16, 2020
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