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Site Navigation

There are three main areas of navigation which are available on every page on this site. The main organization menu will always be shown horizontally across the page and will contain links to pages with information which is not specific to any single team, league, tournament, or vendor. The left-hand column will contain a menu listing either all the leagues & teams setup for the current season or all the pages available for the selected league, team, tournament, or vendor. Lastly, the very top-right of each page will contain links to a contact page, a sitemap, this help page, and other helpful links.

Site Modes

The site will operate in the following modes*: Organization, League, Team, Tournament, and Vendor. The default mode is Organization, and it is the parent of the other modes. The site can be returned to organization mode by clicking any of the items in the main menu. When the site is in any other mode, all information displayed is filtered to show only items relevant to that league, team, tournament, or vendor. Administrators also have the ability to mark certain information as major, which will make those items visible on the relevant pages in both the parent and child modes (if there are any).

Page Types

Each mode will have the option to add various types of pages to its menu, such as a home page, a calendar, a news archive, and so on. Some page types will only be available in certain modes, such as a roster page which is only available in team mode. The URL (or web address) of most page types has been made as intuitive as possible where you could guess the address of the page if you are unable to locate it in the menu. For example, the organization calendar is available here: Some of the most common page types include:

  • Home: The home page will usually show the most recent article for the selected mode, a short list of other recent articles and upcoming events, a calendar of the next five days for that mode, and so on. In some modes it will also include the team or organization record and any upcoming games.
  • Articles: The articles page will list all the articles submitted to the site for the selected mode, in reverse-chronological order (newest articles first). In general, articles are never deleted from the site so you can always go back and read articles from the past.
  • Schedule: The schedule page will show a table of all the games scheduled for the selected mode, including links to the venue for each as well as a link to the game details page if the score has been recorded.
  • Calendar: Calendars will display all games, practices, events, and tournaments scheduled for the selected mode. A full month is shown when in team mode, and two weeks for all other modes. You can navigate the calendar forward and backward by using the links provided on the page.
  • Libraries: The site allows administrators to create three different kinds of libraries: images, documents, and media. The libraries pages will create useful lists of the items in that library.
  • Contact: The contact page will show, for the current season, all executive contacts, organization staff, coaches, and team personnel on a single page. Most organizations also include their physical mailing address on this page.


Every page on this site is printer-friendly! Using your browser's built-in print button will automatically remove the header, left column, and right-column (if there is one) on the page being printed. Most pages also include a print button which mimics the built-in print button of your browser.

Exporting Schedules

We always recommend that you use the website as your primary source for scheduling information. However, there are a few tools included with the site which allow you to import scheduling information found on this site into other calendars. These options include 1) Clicking the "Export" link found at the top of any team's calendar page, 2) Using the WebCal feature for live updates of the schedule into other programs (Read More Here), or 3) Using to combine multiple teams' schedules into a single calendar.

Site Administration

All updates & other maintenance for this site is accomplished through a web-based administrator-only area called the Control Panel. If you have been provided with a username and password for the Control Panel, you can click the Login link at the top of this page, and enter your credentials to become logged in. If your login is successful, a new link will appear in the very top of the page for the Control Panel. For more information about how to use the Control Panel, please check out the support website.

About MBSportsWeb

This website is built on the MicroAge Basics Sports Organization Website platform, or MBSportsWeb for short. The vision behind the platform since day one has been to enable sports organizations to create & maintain high-quality, data-intensive websites with as little effort as possible. The core of the product is its built-in scheduling capabilities which allow the organization's scheduler(s) to efficiently maintain a dynamic, on-demand schedule online with the added benefit of automatic notifications which can be setup to alert the individuals affected by a schedule change. For more information about MBSportsWeb or to get your organization online, click the link at the very bottom-right of this page and complete the form.

*Some modes might not be enabled for this organization
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